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Don't Ever Buy A Belkin Router

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Don't Ever Buy A Belkin Router

Post by TheChrisHill on Tue Jul 12, 2011 3:23 am

Mudasar: Hi, my name is Mudasar. How may I help you?
Chris Hill: The firmware for the Play N600 is glitched, and I'm not able to port forward any programs
Mudasar: Hi Chris,
Mudasar: I would like you to confirm the model number and version number of the product.
Chris Hill: Play N600. Model # F7D8302 V1
Mudasar: Thank you
Mudasar: How are you connected to this chat session? Are you on a computer connected to the router with a cable?
Chris Hill: yes
Mudasar: What is the device for which you are trying to do port forwarding on the router ?
Chris Hill: a few programs
Mudasar: Is it a console or a computer application ?
Chris Hill: mostly a computer application
Mudasar: Do you know the ports for the application?
Chris Hill: it allows me to manually set the port myself
Mudasar: What are the ports for the application ?
Chris Hill: The application lets me select any port that I want. So if I wanted the port 37593, I'd be able to. The problem isn't with the program, it's with the flawed designing and coding of the firmware for the router
Mudasar: What is the issue you are facing with the firmware on the router
Mudasar: The update version of the firmware for the router is version: 1.00.28
Chris Hill: When I go to "Virtual Servers", it has actually duplicated one of the programs I was trying to port forward and it has duplicated it to EVERY field that's below it. When I try to remove it, it continuously either says "port ranges overlap" or something about an application not being selected and it never applies my settings
Chris Hill: my firmware has been updated for a long time
Chris Hill: to 1.00.28
Mudasar: Ok
Mudasar: This error occurs when you try to port forward the same ports twice on the router page
Chris Hill: but I've changed every single port to be different and NOT overlapping
Chris Hill: and when I do that, it says "There is no application is selected"
Mudasar: Did you try hard resetting the router to fix this issue ?
Chris Hill: yes
Chris Hill: and I've tried restoring it to factory defaults
Mudasar: Ok
Mudasar: I offer you higher level technical assistance to fix this issue
Mudasar: Let me know your country of residence and contact number ?
Chris Hill: What I would really like, is for this router to be replaced with a newer model or a different model router that matches or exceeds the performance. I've had nothing but trouble with this router and am VERY unhappy.
Mudasar: I can understand your frustration with the issue
Mudasar: We will try fixing this issue through call session
Mudasar: If we are unable to fix the issue, we will provide you a new router inexchange with the faulty one
Mudasar: Is that ok ?
Chris Hill: I'm from the USA, my phone number is xxxxxxxxxx. This will be the second time I've dealt with phone support.
Chris Hill: Yes that's fine.
Chris Hill: Can I set up a certain time they can contact me?
Mudasar: This call will be from higher technical department with advances steps to fix the issue
Chris Hill: so I'll be available to answer the phone?
Mudasar: The call back regarding the same would be arranged soon but I am not able to give exact time frame as this will be done by a different department.
Mudasar: Thank you for the details.

Mudasar: Chris, Is there anything else that i may help you with?
Chris Hill: If possible to add a note, please ask them to call between the hours of 1:00 PM and 10:00 PM
Chris Hill: other than that, that's all
Mudasar: Sure, I will add a private note with the time frame
Chris Hill: thank you
Mudasar: Thank you for contacting Belkin.

Mudasar: Have a great one!
Mudasar: Bye!

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Re: Don't Ever Buy A Belkin Router

Post by Manwich on Tue Jul 12, 2011 4:28 am

Such a friendly Indian Smile

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Re: Don't Ever Buy A Belkin Router

Post by sebga1 on Tue Jul 12, 2011 3:38 pm

luckily i dont seem to need a belkin router Razz

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Re: Don't Ever Buy A Belkin Router

Post by bMd153 on Wed Jul 13, 2011 8:06 pm

For some reason, my dad has two routers hooked up to the pc downstairs ( one with wireless, one without.) Neither are belkin

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Re: Don't Ever Buy A Belkin Router

Post by aQuackingGoose on Thu Jul 14, 2011 4:34 pm

Well I have a belkin router, it seems to be "fine"... except it drops out every so often... as in every hour Sad
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Been Around The Block

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Re: Don't Ever Buy A Belkin Router

Post by Sponsored content

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